Since the University cannot rule out that COVID-19 will still be lingering and posing a threat to global public health in the coming few months, the University has decided to suspend all summer in-person outbound programmes in the academic year of 2020/21, given our students’ safety and well-being always remains our top priority.


To make the most of your summer time, you are encouraged to join Virtual Overseas Study Programmes organised by institutions around the world!  Whether you are looking for an opportunity to learn a new language or immerse yourself in aspiring courses across different discplines, we have prepared a programme list below for you to choose from!   


Host institutions from all over the world are offer virtual learning options to their programmes this summer which is a great chance for you to gain international exposure and experiences from the comfort of your home! You may refer to the host institution’s website for details.


Students can simply apply to the host institution directly with a registration at the International Affairs Office (IAO).  As togetherness and mutual support can have a positive impact on your learning progress, we will connect you with other students who will be joining the same virtual summer programme!



Points to Note Before You Apply


  • Students are only allowed to participate in virtual summer programmes, please visit the programme websites for more information on the latest teaching arrangement.
  • Some programmes may only be offered for a certain application period. You are advised to check the programme details and to apply as soon as possible.
  • Application deadline for each programme varies, please refer to the host institution’s programme page for the application deadlines.



Programme Details 


You may refer to the available Virtual Summer Programme lists below, host institutions offer a wide range of disciplines for different students.  




Application Procedure


1. Apply to the summer programme through host institution directly.

  • Different institutions have different application procedures and deadlines.
  • Please make sure you follow the application procedure of individual institution and complete their application


2. Submit your registration with IAO through online application system by Jun 15, 2021.

  • IAO will connect students who will join the same virtual summer programme.
  • You can open the application as soon as you plan to apply for a summer programme. 


3. Enjoy your Short-term Study Abroad Programme!


4. Upon completion of Short-term Study Abroad Programme, please submit programme report and respond to the evaluation questionnaire by the designated deadline.



Financial Assistance for Short-term Programmes

In order to be eligible for financial assistance, student must complete a duration of 2-weeks or above programme physically at the host institution/organisation and host country. Therefore, financial assistance will NOT be available to virtual short-term programmes this time.