Looking to make the most of your summer? Join one of the Overseas Study Programmes organised by institutions around the world!  Whether it’s an opportunity to learn a new language or to immerse yourself in inspiring courses that span discplines, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the programme list below!  


Institutions from all over the world are offering online learning options this summer, offering a great chance for you to gain international exposure and experiences from the comfort of your home! Refer to each host institution’s website for details.


Students should apply to the host institution directly. Once accepted to a programme, register with the International Affairs Office (IAO) and we will connect you with other HKU students who will be joining the same summer programme!



Points to Note Before You Apply


  • To participate in the SAO scheme, you will need to apply to the host institution directly and complete the Registration for Summer Study Abroad Programmes. By registering, you will be considered for financial support, be automatically enrolled in the Travel / Personal Accident Insurance plan for HKU students, get put in contact with fellow HKU students participating in the same programme, and be eligible for partner benefits offered by host institutions.
  • Programmes have different application deadlines, and some operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Check the programme details carefully and apply as soon as possible.
  • Some SAO programmes for Summer 2023 have not yet confirmed whether they will be offered online, offline, or both. The teaching mode and availability of each programme is subject to change. Please visit the programme websites for the latest information.
  • If you wish to join a programme that is not listed under SAP/SAO, please send the details to IAO at goabroad@hku.hk for our review. If approved, the programme will be listed on our website and participating students will be eligible for funding support from the University (subject to the eligibility requirements specified by HKU).
  • If you are in your final year of undergraduate study, you can still join a programme the summer after your expected graduation provided you receive pre-approval from your home Faculty. Financial assistance and insurance coverage are also available, as long as your HKU student status is still valid for the entirety of the programme.
  • If you plan to transfer credits that contribute to your degree, please contact your home Faculty ahead of time for information on how to request approval.



Available Programmes (updated 29 March 2023)


Host institutions offer a wide range of opportunities. Refer to the Short-term Programme lists for more details:  


Apply Now!



Application Procedure


Step 1 - Apply to your intended summer programme through host institution directly.

  • Different institutions have different application procedures and deadlines. Make sure you complete your application in accordance with the requirements set by the host institution.


Step 2 - Register your participation in an SAO programme with IAO through the online application system by June 15, 2023.

  • IAO will connect students who are attending the same summer programme.
  • You can begin your registration application as soon as you plan to apply for a summer programme.
  • You will need official admission to a programme to complete your registration application.


Step 3 - Enjoy your Winter programme!


Step 4 - Post programme Evaluation

  • Upon completion of Short-term Study Abroad Programme, please submit a post-programme report and respond to the evaluation questionnaire by the designated deadline.



How to Accept an Offer


Step 1 - Read the Letter of Acceptance and Complete the Reply Slip

  1. Read the Letter of Acceptance carefully
  2. Complete the Reply Slip (Page 4)
  3. Save and convert the Letter of Acceptance as a single PDF file


Step 2 - Accept the Offer through the Application System

  1. Login to the Outgoing Application System and choose the correct application
  2. Upload the completed Letter of Acceptance (PDF) to the system
  3. Click the green "Accept" button to accept the offer in the system
  4. Click "OK" to confirm the offer


Key Dates*



Deadline for registration submission to IAO   

June 15, 2023

Release of IAO registration result

By August 12, 2023  

Submission of post-programme report

By August 31, 2023 

Disbursement of Short-term Abroad Scholarship 
or Allowance 

October 2023 onwards 








*Subject to change - please check this page regularly for updates.


Financial Assistance for Short-term Programmes

In order to be eligible for financial assistance, student must complete a programme that lasts at least 2 weeks while physically at the host institution/organisation and host country. Financial assistance will NOT be available to virtual short-term programmes this time.


You will be automatically considered for a financial assistance award upon successfully registering through the SAO application system. A separate application is not necessary.


For all merit-based funding provided by the Registry offices in support of study abroad, each student is only eligible to receive a total award amount equal to the largest single award they receive throughout their undergraduate studies. Should a student receive more than one award, they may be required to return the prior award to the University, or receive only a portion of the subsequent award.

General Requirements

  • Currently a full-time undergraduate student;
  • Completion of the designated short-term programme;
  • Submission of a post-programme report by the designated deadline;
  • Response to an evaluation questionnaire by the designated deadline.

Points to Note for Financial Assistance

  • Final award amounts are subject to change and subject to programme format.

Financial Assistance

Amount (HK$) 


Scholarship for Short-Term

Study Abroad Programmes


  • Fulfil Programme Eligibility
  • CGPA 3.0 or above as of the first semester of
    the academic year of application

Short-Term Abroad Allowance


  • Fulfil Programme Eligibility
  • CGPA 2.0 - 2.99 as of the first semester of
    the academic year of application

*Funded under the HKSAR Government Reaching Out Award funds.