Students may participate in one of the Worldwide Plus Visiting Programmes for one academic year. Different from exchange programmes, students will need to pay full academic tuition fees for the programme.


HKU has expanded the Visiting Programmes partnership to include the below institutions. All visiting students joining any of these programmes attend classes with local students at the host institution, live in residential colleges with them and take part in extra-curricular activities usually only available to local students, while also enjoying the exciting study abroad experience.  



University of Oxford

University of Oxford offers full-year Oxford Junior Year Abroad (JYA) Programme. Admitted students will spend the full academic year studying.

  • Pembroke College

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University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge accepts visiting students from the University of Hong Kong under Pembroke Semester Programme. Admitted students will spend one year studying at Pembroke College.

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Worldwide Plus Visiting Programmes Application - Timeline for 2023/24

Oct 10 (Mon)


Start date of Online application

Dec 16 (Fri)


Deadline for online application 

Early Jan


Selected candidates invited for interview

End of Mar

Release of Results 

Release of placement results

End of Mar

Release of Results

Deadline for acceptance and deposit payment 




Worldwide Plus Visiting Scholarship

The HKU Worldwide Visiting Scholarship is to be awarded to full-time undergraduate students to study for the above fee-paying visiting programmes.


Value of Scholarship 

The value of scholarship should be HK$100,000 for one academic year programme.


For merit-based funding provided by Registry offices in support of study abroad, each student is only eligible to receive a value that equals the largest award. Should the student receive more than one award, he/she may be required to return the prior award to the University. This is to ensure that scholarship funds benefit more than a small number of students.


Important Note

Successful applicants will automatically be considered for the eligibility of the scholarship.




HSBC Overseas Scholarship

Local Hong Kong applicants are highly recommended to apply for HSBC Overseas Scholarship at the same time. For more information, please refer to the website HSBC Overseas Scholarship.