HKU has expanded the Visiting Programmes partnership to the institutions. Students may participate in Visiting Programme for one semester or one academic year. Different from exchange programmes, students will need to pay full academic tuition fees for the programme. Given such, students will receive full support throughout the application process and study period. All visiting students joining any of these programmes attend classes with local students at the host institution, live in residential colleges with them and take part in extra-curricular activities usually only available to local students, while also enjoying the exciting study abroad experience.  



Columbia University - Columbia Visiting Student Program


Students may participate in a semester- or year-long programme for currently enrolled undergraduates. Students will need to pay full academic tuition fees while support on applications can be provided.

Fast-Pass to NYC: Columbia Visiting Students have access to all that New York City has to offer. Whether academically or extracurricularly, students can utilize New York City as their backyard. As residents of New York City, Columbians are connected to countless career fields; pursue opportunities in arts and culture through the Arts Initiative; and become globally aware citizens through interactions with presidents, prime ministers and other dignitaries at the annual World Leaders Forum.


Enriching College Experience: Columbia Visiting Students have the ability to study as a Columbia student from one semester up to a full year. This exchange program allows students to learn from a completely different community than their home institution. They are able to develop connections with a diverse group of students from a variety of backgrounds and identities.


World-Class Education: Columbia Visiting Students have access to Columbia's world-class faculty and facilities, including a newly expanded Makerspace for prototype fabrication and one of the ten largest libraries in the US. They fully immerse themselves in the academic community on our campus, enriching their college trajectory with new knowledge, insights and connections. 



University of Wisconsin-Madison – Visiting International Student Program (VISP)


VISP for Online Students – World class education with more flexibility The same word-class education, same academic credit, same official UW-Madison transcript, and the same personalized VISP experience. Online students enroll in regular academic courses that are offered in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. Hundreds of online classes are available each semester, in academic areas across the university curriculum. You can learn more about online-only program via the VISP for online students website.  


Thematic VISP Program Tracks welcome students interested in focusing on one academic area of interest. Students in these tracks are guaranteed the majority of their credits within one department even before the students start enrolling, and receive personalized advising from faculty as well as from the VISP Staff.


You can find more updated information about the credit program on the website including program eligibility, estimated cost information, and application process.



University of Pennsylvania - International Guest Student Program (IGSP)


Being studying at this top-ranked Ivy League university, guest students can enjoy world-class facilities to pursue for-credit coursework while they are surrounded by opportunities for cultural and language exchange. Apart from strengthening educational credentials, students will be able to train up language and cross-cultural communication skills by interacting with a diverse student body of undergraduate and graduate students at Penn.


Students can choose to take courses completely on-campus or completely online in the program. They will be assigned a skilled academic advisor for making a personalized study plan.


For more information about the program (e.g. program eligibility, application process, curriculum and tuition and fees), you may visit their website.



University of British Columbia (UBC) - Visiting Student Program


As a visiting student at UBC, you’ll join a diverse academic community at a world-class university in an inspiring setting. 


As a current undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong, you are welcome to come to UBC as a visiting student for one or two terms (4-8 months) to take undergraduate courses with other UBC students.


UBC has over 200 study areas and many courses to choose from offered by a variety of faculties such as the Arts, Sciences, Forestry (Vancouver), Land and Food Systems (Vancouver), Management (Okanagan), and Engineering. Students typically take 3 to 5 courses per term. Registration is based on availability, and there are some restrictions on course enrolment for visiting students.


Since UBC is HKU's exchange partner, please check with our office first to inquire about exchange spaces. If there are no more exchange spaces available, the visiting student program could be your path to UBC.



Harvard University - Visiting Undergraduate Students (VUS) Program


Harvard University welcomes you to study with them as a Visiting Undergraduate Student (VUS). Visiting students will have exposure to their wide-ranging and fascinating course topics, world-class educators and talented Harvard students. Students will be able to develop their favorite and still-to-be-discovered academic interests there.


Apart from unique academic life, visiting students can access to renowned museums, laboratories, theatres, and extracurricular activities, all in the rich cultural and historical setting of Cambridge and Boston.


You may visit their website for more details about the program including the application process and tuition and fees.



London School of Economics and Political Science - One-year Visiting Programme


The General Course is LSE’s study abroad programme. It allows students from overseas universities to spend a full academic year at LSE. During your year at LSE you will have access to a full calendar of social events, specially designed and subsidised exclusively for General Course students.


You will be joining a culturally diverse population of 11,000 students, around 70% of whom join from outside the UK, representing over 140 countries.


You may visit their website for more details about the program including the application process and tuition and fees.