Global Hometown Food Sharing

Date: September 20, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 19:00 - 22:30
Venue: Area outside Main Building, HKU
Registration: Click the link here

Food is a great unifier for all cultures. It brings friends together, creates common ground for sharing, and opens up dialogue across cultures. What is your favourite cooking show – Jaime Oliver's, Gordon Ramsey's, or Yan Can Cook?


HKU prides itself on its international community for it is a mini globe with students from over 100 countries. In this HKU Global Kitchen event, you can taste the food from another continent for the first time, and cook the home cuisine which you have been dearly missed.

We are now recruiting student chefs from diverse backgrounds. Upon successful application, you will meet new friends from your home regions and shop and chop together. Or you can even bring some ingredients from your hometown! The outdoor potluck party will be the highlight where you can share your own cultural identity and explore other cultural traditions and customs.


Application Form (for Student Chefs):

Application deadline:  August 25 (Friday)


Successful student chefs will receive an email confirmation by 30/8 (Wed). Student chefs will be divided into groups of four according to their home regions. Each group will be provided with a maximum of HK$300 subsidy, on a reimbursement basis.