University of California, Berkeley
Ng Ke Xin (BSc, Year 3)

This semester exchange provided me an opportunity to expose to different people come from different backgrounds and cultures, and I have learnt to get along with them. This actually helps me in widening my perspectives and improving skills that are essential for my future such as critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. I have met various challenges that I have never experienced before. For example, adapting to a completely different environment. I am glad that I have conquered the challenges and I am more independent and more confident now. This experience gave me a chance to discover my new abilities and understand myself better which enable me to be more ready to encounter problems in the future.


Also, I had a first-hand experience on American cultures and traditions by traveling around the United States during my exchange period. Furthermore, I gained valuable experiences from the education system in the University of California, Berkeley. The host institution provided me much help during my studies so that I could enjoy my time in the University of California, Berkeley with minimum worries.