King's College London
Lai Hui Yan (BSc, Year 2)

It was one of a lifetime experience for me to meet new friends of all walks of life, passionate lecturers and professors who would patiently answer my academic questions regardless in class or through emails. This exchange opportunity has definitely enhanced my social skills, as I am constantly exposed to new people and friends, and I enjoyed a lot of my time interacting and chatting with them.


This exchange experience has also been a fruitful exposure to me for appreciating fully a whole new different culture. Life in London is very much different from that in Hong Kong, for instance the diverse food choices and difference in study methods, hence I have learnt to be more flexible and adaptive to changes, and learnt to seek advice and help from friends and professors, especially for improving in my method of study and how to grasp important points from lectures and books to improve in my studies not only during the exchange period but in the long term.