Northwestern University
Chiu Chi-sheng (BBiomedSc, Year 3)

The academic environment at Northwestern University is both a vibrant and a hectic one, given the amount of coursework each professor aims to complete within a mere span of ten weeks. A notable departure from Hong Kong’s learning experience is the enthusiasm with which students actively engage in the learning process. This was evidenced by students not being afraid or shy to raise questions and challenges during lectures and discussion sessions. Students also take a noticeable amount of ownership and pride in their own studies too: libraries are open till 3am in the morning during weekdays, and it was not uncommon to catch sight of students staying up to complete and perfect the tasks on their agendas.


Finally, Northwestern University emphasizes the use of traditional methods of notetaking in class, and strongly encourages a no-screen policy during lectures and discussion sections. In my opinion, this helped the majority of students to avoid getting distracted by non-academic content on the Internet and stay engaged to the lesson.