All eligible participants of the HKUWW Undergraduate Exchange Programmes (including faculty level exchange programmes) will be automatically considered for the Scholarship for Semester Exchange. 


IAO will assign applicants an appropriate scholarship according to their financial needs and academic standing, once they have met the conditions and have been accepted by their host institution.


In all the merit-based funding provided by the Registry offices in support of study abroad, each student is only eligible to receive the value that equals the largest award throughout his/her undergraduate studies. Should a student receive more than one award, he/she may be required to return the prior award to the University. This is to ensure that scholarship funds benefit more than a small number of students.


Only students who travel outside Hong Kong and join in-person exchange will be eligible to receive exchange scholarship.





Important Dates for HKUWW Scholarship 2021-22

Year Date Activity Details
For Full Year and Semester 1
2021 September Result Release Scholarship result release
  October - Novemeber Disbursement Scholarship disbursement
For Semester 2
2022 February Result Release Scholarship result release
  March - April Disbursement Scholarship disbursement




HKUWW Scholarships Scheme

The HKUWW Scholarship Scheme offers a notional amount of award for students’ semester exchange studies. Students should not consider it a major financial source. Applicants should obtain a CGPA of 3.0 or above before the exchange semester (i.e. as of Semester 2, 2020/21 for Semester 1 and Full Year exchange, and, as of Semester 1, 2021/22 for Semester 2 exchange) to be eligible for receiving the HKUWW Scholarship Scheme. 


The award scale is as follows:


Exchange for
one semester (HK$)

Full year exchange 

Europe, Americas, South Africa, Japan, Israel

12, 000

24, 000

Australia, New Zealand

11, 000

22, 000

South Korea

7, 000

14, 000

Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau

5, 500

11, 000


 HKU China 10,000 Exchange Programme



The following scholarships are funding sources of HKUWW Scholarships Scheme. The award scale follows the above table, unless specified otherwise.



1. HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Scholarships



2. HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Reaching Out Award


The Reaching Out Award (ROA) aims to support students who need to travel out of Hong Kong to participate in activities such as exchange programme. A student can only eligible to receive the ROA ONCE throughout his/her studies. Unless otherwise approved, the ROA cannot be concurrently held with other enrichment scholarships or awards administered by the University. The minimum CGPA requirement is 3.0.


Students who will participate in study abroad programmes organized by International Affairs Office (IAO) will be considered automatically for the ROA. No separate application will be needed.


3. Scholarships from Donations


**Application for Scholarships from Donations is available by invitation ONLY.**

IAO will nominate suitable candidates to one of the scholarships listed below according to the donor's requirements. Individual donors will make final decisions regarding the recipients of their scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be asked to provide a thank-you note to the donors.




Scholarships from Host Institutions


Some host institutions offer scholarship to exchange students. Details will be advised when suitable candidates submit their application for the exchange study to the host institution. Scholarship recipients are expected to meet the requirement set by the offering authority.