After completing your studies at HKU, please take note of the following arrangements before your return home. 


  1. Expiry of HKU Accounts

Your HKU Portal and email account will be expired after the semester ends.  Make sure you have forwarded all necessary e-mails.


  1. Examination Results

You can check your grades on HKU Portal after the semester ends. 


  1. Official Transcript

If you are required to submit a copy of the official transcript to your home university or you would like to keep a copy yourself, please apply through (Click “Transcript” > “For graduates or students WITHOUT access to HKU Portal”) and there will be an administration fee incurred.


  1. HKU Student Card

If you have completed your study programme, there is no need for you to return the HKU Student Card and you can keep it as a souvenir. 


  1. Outstanding Fees

Please make sure you have settled all outstanding fees on time, such as hostel or library penalties, otherwise you will not be eligible to be issued with an official transcript.


  1. Residence Hall Check-out

You should confirm your departure date with your residence hall well in advance.  When you check out from the residence hall, return to the hall office your room key(s) and hall card(s), if applicable, otherwise your key deposit will not be refunded.   

  1. Stay Connected

We can always keep in touch via HKU Incoming Exchange Facebook Group.