Have you considered studying abroad, but are not sure how to start? Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. Below we provide you with a list of some of the benefits you can reap from an extended stay in a foreign country, and reasons why you should take the plunge.


  • To learn to be more independent and for personal development
  • To take courses that are not available at HKU
  • To learn a new language
  • To travel and make new friends from around the world
  • To experience a new culture and a different learning environment


Planning for Studying Abroad


Apart from academic excellence, we also seek to instil in our students the knowledge, skills and values needed to be effective citizens of today's globalised world. With that in mind, HKU offers a myriad of overseas learning opportunities. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, and it's one that the University actively encourages. Please refer to the study programme programmes below: 



Programme Type


Financial Assistance

Visiting Programmes


One or two semesters

Exchange Programmes

Pay HKU tuition only

One or two semesters

Short-term Programmes


Reading weeks,

Winter or Summer breaks



How to Plan Ahead (Semester-based Programme)


Studying abroad can be an important learning experience during your university life. Planning ahead is extremely important so you can achieve as much as possible. We recommend you to apply for the semester-based exchange in Year 2. You will also benefit from taking advance courses in the host institution after declaring your major.


 Year of Study

Semester 1

Semester 2


  • Attend as many information sessions as possible to get yourself familiar with the requirement
  • Take time and do research on host institutions’ requirement
  • Get yourself prepared for fulfilling the specific requirements


  • A better idea of the major to study is then formed
  • Research the major or courses from the preferred host institutions.
  • Seek advice from your Faculty regarding course approval and credit transfer arrangements.
  • You are recommended to apply for the semester-based exchange programme


  • Attend the semester-based programme in host institution
  • Attend the semester-based programme in host institution

4 or higher

  • Apply what you have learned from the programme to the final year of study
  • Join information sessions and share the experience to the newcomers