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Students should make sure that they are covered by comprehensive health, accident, personal property and travel insurance for their entire study abroad period, especially if they are planning to travel for personal purposes during the study period. Please refer to the following types of insurance for planning.


Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance is provided by HKU Finance and Enterprises Office (FEO) for all HKU undergraduate students going on study abroad programmes organised/recognised by HKU. The insurance coverage will only be valid for the first 183 days of the trip. A new 183-day period will be activated from the day of a second departure from Hong Kong if the student returns to Hong Kong during the first 183-day period. Students can approach FEO to obtain a Certificate of Travel Insurance by emailing or visit HERE. Additional insurance is required if the number of days of the trip is longer than 183 days.

Please refer to FEO Website / HKU Portal (SIS Menu > Financial Services > FEO Info and Hotlines > Finance and Enterprises Office > Insurance Information for Students) for the latest insurance information. 


Medical Insurance

Students are recommended to arrange additional medical insurance as a necessary protection. Make sure you have met the health requirements of the host country and host university before your departure. Check your medical insurance coverage with the International Office of your host university. If the coverage is inadequate, or if your host university does not offer a compulsory medical plan, it is advisable to get private medical insurance.

Most travel insurances also include medical coverage for sickness. However, please make sure you know what items and services are covered and the limits. Most of the coverage is also strictly on a reimbursement basis.


Additional Protection

An additional Insurance Plan is recommended if students want to have more protection. Please note that the policy is not applicable to any person residing outside Hong Kong for more than 180 days in a year. Major dangerous sports such as scuba-diving or mountaineering, illness, pregnancy/childbirth, HIV/AIDS and war are not covered under the policy.

Please send your enquiry to should you have any questions.