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ZEIT Germany: A guide to the academic landscape in Germany

The German academic landscape has changed radically in recent years. Today, universities, research institutes, and industry have a lot to offer: free tuition, scholarships and research funding and a booming job market. However, there are also challenges. The language is as hard to learn as the culture’s oddities. But jumping the hurdles is worth it.

DIE ZEIT, Germany’s leading weekly newspaper, has published the unique English spoken magazine ZEIT GERMANY – Study & Research for international students and young scientists as a guiding journal that provides detailed information and testimonial reports about moving to the country for studying and researching, giving at the same time a colorful impression of the German landscape of science, culture, nature and its social diversity.

For the individual distribution to the readers, DIE ZEIT is supported by the networks of international offices, e.g. The German Academic Exchange Service, the Goethe-Institutions or the German Federal Foreign Office. The magazine is free of charge.

ZEIT Germany 2023 - Study and Research

You may refer to the website to explore more study abroad options.